We strive to positively foster the opinion that good buildings make good societies. 

'Meeting the expectations of the client and the public is of paramount importance to us'.


FORMplay Manifesto


+ FORMplay's chief objective, ‘Evoke emotion and create shelter’.

+ FORMplay's Pathos: Design should be explored, not imitated.

+ FORMplay's purpose is to align the user to the ideal sense of space and place according to the nature of that individual or collective, while conscious of the ontological deliberations of the human condition as a whole.

+ FORMplay is an Studio devoted to the exploration of form, construction technology, social systems of interaction and modes of habitation with a view to enriching peoples lives.

+ FORMplay's design constraints are informed by the time, cost and quality parameters set upon all forms of design.




FORMplay were the catalyst for creating a vision that symbolized our intent for The Art Factory concept.
— B.J. Bowen-Butchart, The Art Factory Co-director