Metropolitan Pizza Hobart


The Metropolitan mantra was to create a space that captured the essence of metro rail infrastructure experience in many cosmopolitan cities. Also, to create a sense of public rather than private space.

To create a metro rail experience FORMplay envisaged the design and construction of an underground tube tunnel, puncturing through the existing fabric of a traditional building, as a way to transfer between the three primary spaces of the venue; the departure lounge, platform standing dining bar and the beer garden.

Added to this was the exploration of materials and construction details that conveyed public, utilitarian and functional appearances and language.

Finally, timber rail sleepers are translated as interior cladding throughout the venue, from the departure lounge to the beer garden.

FORMplay Architecture were the catalyst for creating a vision that symbolized our intent for The Art Factory concept.
— B.J. Bowen-Butchart, The Art Factory Co-director